Want to start a Young Donor Movement in your country?

Here is a guide of 12 ideas that you can use to start.

Who is a Young Donor?

Generosity and donations comes in many forms and at many levels.  Giving more or giving less says nothing about the quality of the gift or the person behind it.  From time-to-time our network helps select “young philanthropists” for participation in special events and programs.  On these occasions our definition is limited to anyone who is under 35 and able to give away, or fundraise from their family, over $100,000 USD annually.

Our Networks

We have established a private online social network for young philanthropists, investors, movement leaders, and allies from around the world to connect with each other and share ideas.  It is invite only and privately maintained as part of Nexus.  If you are interested in learning more and exploring how you might be able to join please introduce yourself through email to Jonah Wittkamper -

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