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Questions were answered by Katherine Lorenz, Deputy Director US of Institute for Philanthropy

What part of your organization involves young people? In what capacity?

Our two leading donor education programs, Next Generation Philanthropy and The Philanthropy Workshop, both involve young people.  Next Generation Philanthropy has been devised in specific response to young donors aged 21-30 who are interested in becoming more active and engaged in the issues they care about and want a peer learning experience to harness that interest in a practical way.  The Philanthropy Workshop similarly brings together a group of up to fourteen donors  – this time of all ages – for intense, hands-on learning in philanthropy.  The dynamic of different generations learning together can be mutually beneficial in understanding and reconciling different ways of thinking and working.  Both programs have a unique pedagogy involving site visits, case studies, peer discussions and skills building sessions to bring to life the conceptual framework for philanthropy. During the programs participants meet leading civil-society experts, social entrepreneurs and venture philanthropists to inspire and teach them about various methods for creating systematic change.

Why should young philanthropists become a part of your network/engaged with your organization?

We provide our network with numerous educational and networking opportunities, from speaker evenings, to skills seminars to multi-day workshops.   Young donors benefit from all aspects of the Institute’s expertise, such as our research which tackles key topics in philanthropy in an informative, easy to understand way.  The practical learning and peer support that we offer through our education programs and our alumni networks help transform young donors into confident, well-informed and engaged philanthropists, and the international dimension of our work offers connections with philanthropists across the globe.  As one participant of Next Generation Philanthropy put it, “A warm and accepting atmosphere, getting to know and think aloud together with interesting and intelligent people… Useful, fun, informative, thought provoking but not too heavy. Looking forward to more.”

What distinguishes you from other young philanthropy support groups?

The Institute for Philanthropy provides unique offerings for young philanthropists through our skills-based, hands-on programs focusing on strategic philanthropy. Our Next Generation Philanthropy and The Philanthropy Workshop programs provide the framework for strategic giving and give young donors the knowledge, skills, and networks to have more impact in the issues they care about.  We provide a forum for both youth peer-to-peer learning and also opportunities to network with a wider range of donors, which provides diverse perspectives and knowledge to learn from.  The two staff members who lead on Next Generation Philanthropy and our networking events are both young philanthropists themselves who understand the opportunities and challenges of being a young person with significant wealth and therefore are uniquely placed to craft events for this group.

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