Questions were answered by Justin Mayo, Executive Director of Red Eye Inc.

What part of your organization involves young people? In what capacity?

Red Eye engages Young People in every level and capacity from the Executive Director, to those organizing humanitarian events, to many that we reach out to. Please check out the VIDEO tab at

Why should young philanthropists become a part of your network and/or engaged with your organization?

Red Eye’s 3 Part Purpose is CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT, HUMANITARIAN WORK, and a COMMUNITY of SUPPORT! Red Eye is a 501c3 non-profit organization that is set up all around the globe in a unique fashion so it can EMPOWER our RED EYE MEMBERS in what THEY ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT! From the ARTS, to putting on events for KIDS IMPACTED BY AIDS/HIV, to YOUTH MENTORING in HOUSING PROJECTS, putting on SENIOR (CITIZEN) PROMS, or countless other exciting ways we love EMPOWERING PEOPLE IN THEIR CREATIVITY and HELP ORGANIZE WHAT THEY WANT TO DO!

Over and over we hear people say:

“Red Eye is the first time I have felt like I had a group of friends that really cared about ME and weren’t trying to get something from me!”

“I love how Red Eye makes it so easy in empowering me to do what I’m passionate about!”

“Red Eye helps keep life in perspective for me amongst the crazy life in which I often life.”

What distinguishes you from other young philanthropy support groups?

Our #1 priority is YOU! Red Eye was birthed out of wanting a safe, positive community to “do life” amongst REAL friends… We are tired of people “being nice” to us trying get to our parents, our finances or want to “be our friend” with some ulterior motive. Red Eye is committed to each person part of our “Red Eye Family” REGARDLESS of if they want to “utilize their life’s platform” for the betterment of mankind thru humanitarian work or creative empowerment Red Eye enables. Red Eye is a family committed to being a support system thru the good and bad!

We love empowering people in their CREATIVE AMBITIONS and enabling EXCITING HUMANITARIAN WORK, but our #1 priority is YOU… a SAFE COMMUNITY of people doing life together. We enable that through our efforts not only in LA and NYC but also extensions in LONDON, PARIS, SYDNEY and various other places. We would BE HONORED to get to be a friend with YOU!!

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